2. Knowing your Board

Knowing the board you will be playing is very essential ( check the pic above ). We cannot discuss all types of boards here, but you need to study your board carefully, for instance, knowing how the candies move or where ingredients can get stuck or the most difficult zones.

4. Using your Boosters

You will get some boosters in the beginning of the game ( Don't use them ). Certain boosters can be selected before you begin a level and others can be used during the game. You can also obtain boosters by buying them using actual money. One more option to obtain boosters is the “daily prize wheel” that you spin and hopefully, you can get a nice booster. A word of advice not to use the boosters early in the game. It may be very tempting, but I wouldn`t play a booster unless am stuck at a level for more than 2 days.

At last, Sorry for the long read and I hope that this can help you play candy crush saga the right way.
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