As you all know, when you start the candy crush game, you get five lives. If you lose a life, it will refresh for free after some minutes. But if you’re completely out of lives and you absolutely cannot wait to play another game, you can purchase a full set.

Here is a trick that will make you use unlimited lives, it is very simple 🙂

On your Iphone / Android:

Simply change the time on your cellphone ( move the clock forward) and there you are. A new set of lives. Getting back to normal with the phone’s clock will increase the wait timer, this can’t be changed. The best way to use this is when you know you have to be offline for some time. An example would be forwarding the clock for max 8 hours if you are going to be offline for that long.

A workaround for Android users who are CONNECTED with Facebook would be the following. If you have like 10 days to wait then go to your settings -> applications and then navigate through to candy crush. Click it and then click delete files or simply UNINSTALL Candy Crush. THIS WILL RESET THE GAME LEVELS TO THE FIRST LEVEL. After you reinstall the game, connect back to facebook and you will be able to retrieve the levels back from your facebook account.

This can be applied to any mobile device with candy crush installed and connected to facebook.

Please use this at your own RISK.

On Facebook:

When starting a new level. Open it in more than one Browser tab ( use the ctrl + t to make a new tab ) and then insert the URL of the level and wait for the game to load. Open more than 5 tabs. ( Outdated — may not work)

Get more Friends:

As you know, friends can help you get more lives, moves and pass levels in Candy Crush.